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Cougar Bill
February 11th, 2001, 03:22 PM
In the past few months I have noticed used parts for sale on E-Bay that have become available as reproductions. Most recently a set of 1970 grill "Blinders". They went for over $60.00 and you can buy new ones for $40.00 I feel we all need to help each other save money( WE ALL WANT SAVE $$ RIGHT?) Maybe we can use this site to list the few new parts available so others will be aware of this. Another is the 69 & 70 reverse lenses now offered by Auto Krafters for $39.95 each. Again these have gone for over $100.00 a set on E-Bay.
I would like to hear all responses, and maybe Logan would help us? Thanks for the place to post my ideas. Bill Q. aka Cougar Bill

February 11th, 2001, 03:39 PM
Good idea Bill I'm up for saving money. The problem with E-bay is its very hard to controll what people a willing to pay. That's what makes places like this so nice because you can post your parts here and keep it affordable for those of us that are not rich.

February 11th, 2001, 07:31 PM
Hi Bill,

You're right, I've noticed it myself. I shake my head every time I see 69/70 Reverse lenses advertised as NOS, while you and I both know the dude just bought them from autokrafters, Stang-it or one of the other vendors for half what they're asking.

Some times we do gets posts in the parts wanted forum looking for specific parts that are in repro and I forward them to the proper sources, but unfortunately, more people just don't know the ture value.

I haven't been able to buy a cougar specific part off ebay in 6+ months because of the gouging, and why should I? Now that I'm better educated and thanks to the kindness and good spirit of a number of DFW Cats members, I get more than my share of rock bottom prices.

I firmly believe it's all about the community and less about the money. At least, it is with me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made the financial decision to purchase equipment and software for this very site.

If anyone has ideas on how to help and educate the community, I'd be open to just about anything. My first thought is a master price list of all the cougar vendors, but that's a pretty big undertaking for just little 'ol me.

Thanks and safe cattin'


Gary Miller
March 9th, 2001, 02:42 AM

Hello. I do not think that the Auto Krafters repro reverse lenses can truly be classified as exact repro's. They are not frosted on the interior lens surface, and if they are... it is not very apparent. That is probably why people, including myself, are willing to pay $100 a pair for the Ford NOS when the restoration level requires such.


Cougar Bill
March 9th, 2001, 08:15 AM
Thanks for the info. I have not seen the repops. I was hoping they were "exact". Gald to hear this, and want to thank you for sharing this with all the others. This is the only way we all can find these thing out, without buying something, only to find out it was NOT what we expected!

Cougar Bill

March 15th, 2001, 03:14 PM
Hi guys. Thought I would jump in here. Someone of reputable Cougar repute has posted on the Classic-Cougars list that some cars came from the factory with unfrosted backup light lenses. Lately, I've reasoned that this simply won't do.

I never used to notice the frosting to tell you the truth, but now I kind of get a sense of satisfation knowing it's there. As far as what people are willing to spend, we live in a free market, and people get a lot of satisfaction knowing their parts are as good and as close to original as can be, so they are willing to pay. The compaint is that some people may be passing off the repops as NOS, so buyer beware as always. I have a driver and I get a lot of satisfaction using good used parts, so I will go with good used before repops. You can't beat the NOS parts for that Cougar repair nirvana-like feeling of satisfaction. I have recently purchased repop around the door W/S and it looks crap, but what else is one to do? Another example is the door handle knobs. On the other hand if I keep replacing all the slightly imperfect parts with perfect ones, my car won't be a driver any more and I'll be afraid to drive it and that's no fun!

Thanks to computers and the internet we can find out about all the parts sources that were previously unknown and do the best we can. eBay is great - one just has to be careful about who you buy from. Perhaps parts do end up costing more, but you get to be more knowledgable and selective about what you need and it saves if it saves a lot of time, that corresponds to value.