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: Buying my first Cougar...

January 23rd, 2010, 04:30 PM
Hi all,

I am new to this site - great site, looks like a pretty active forum.

I am in Australia and looking at buying a 1970 XR7 convertible with a 351W and three speed sludge box. Can anyone offer some advice on things to look for in this car? I have a lot of questions, so thank you in advance for reading my post.

The car does not have its original paint, but looks pretty clean. There is one rust spot in one of the doors that could easily be fixed. Apparently the paint is two years old (I am aways suspicious of new paint, but I trust this vendor).

Mechanically it seems OK. I will have it looked at professionally, but, from all reports, the Windsor is a fairly unbreakable engine. Parts are readily available in Australia because the engine was used on local Ford Falcons.

I am told that most of the front-end parts are common to the Mustang, so tough and readily available. That means they will also be common with the Australian Falcon. Is that correct?

The car has disk brakes that stop pretty well for a car of that age. Do the brakes have any known problems?

The interior is driver quality. The door skins are serviceable, although some of the badges are missing (apparently reproduction door skins are not available). Parts of the dash have been cut to instal a new stereo and I would like to restore them to original. Some of the interior trim is a little faded, especially the plastic screens on some of the dashboard dials. At least one window winder is missing. I am sure I will notice a few more bits missing over time. Are interior trim parts readily available? These parts will not be shared with Mustangs or Falcons, so I suspect they will be hard to find.

The XR7 badge on the front of the car is also faded. Are these available?

Also, the convertible roof has been reskinned with a nice black canvas, rather than the usual plastic. It looks very smart. However, the interior frame of the roof is exposed inside the car when the roof is up. I was expecting to see a lining covering the roof frame given the positioning of the Cougar as a semi-luxury. Is that normal?

There is no parade cover for the roof when it is down. Should there be one?

Thanks in advance.


January 23rd, 2010, 04:49 PM
I put this thread in the wrong area - I have posted it in the Cougar Community area. Sorry for the inconvenience.