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: New GTO thoughts

September 4th, 2002, 03:28 AM
I was looking at some more pictures of this car the other day and I go to thinking. This is a large, rear drive coupe. Yes, it's a fast one, but the styling is sort of bland (although I do think it's probably the best looking Pontiac). Anyway though, no matter how cool it is, it's in a market segment that is dead. Sales in the segment declined from about 1987 on or so. Ford put the nail in the coffin when thy ditched the MN-12 Thunderbird. Yet that seems to be the market the GTO is jumping in to, all be it at the performance end. Personality wise, The GTO seems to be at the level of say a cobra powered Thunderbird would have been at. What I'm getting at is in today's market, who's going to buy the New GTO. How many of these thing's does GM expect to sell. Former Firebird/Camaro guys won't be able to afford it. Same goes for the Mustang guys. Hard core performance guys will still go for the Vette. I figure it must be an image car then, to boost the Pontiac brand, but it doesn't seem extreme enough for that.

September 4th, 2002, 06:57 AM
According to the local press GM wants Holden to produce 18,000 GTOs per year for 4 years - looks like they are aiming at specialist market. Reason for short production run is that Holden believe there will be a not invented here backlash against it not being built outside the US

Apparently the first 4 months production is sold with deposits already down. and it is likely to be delivered with Gen IV engine at the same time as it hits Corvette

Holden Ute is also on the way to US as El Camino and all wheel drive station wagon will be exported as well - like Audi and Volvo crossovers but bigger. Long wheelbase RWD Holden's have been sold as Chev Impalas and Caprices to the middle east for last 5 years and were going to be badged as Cadillacs at one stage

Have a look at for the performance range