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: 69 Cat - Was there a factory hood emblem/ornament?

July 7th, 2001, 06:54 AM
I'm curious to find out as my old driver has a hole dead center of the nose of the hood about 3-4 inches back and it looks as though it may have been there since the start.
The car has been re worked some time ago and has about 7 different shades of black ( now half sanded out and primed)
I'm curious if there was an original emblem there and of my options of locating one (if it exists) or whether I just lay a bandage on it before it gets repainted ... Thanks KC Toronto

P.S. What would we ever do without this site ...
I've appreciated the forums and experiences forwarded here ...
Senor Logan - many thanks for the future

July 7th, 2001, 03:49 PM

I can guarantee there shouldn't be a hole in your hood where you describe. If there was an emblem or ornament there, it was most certainly an aftermarket piece.

The only thing that the factory ever did was decal'ing on the hood.

July 10th, 2001, 12:03 AM
Welcome to my world as well some heretofore refered to as the "Idiot" who owned my XR7 did the same thing drilling a large hole in the hood space your talking about to mount a 74 cougar hood emblem. So now i need to be like you and weld a repair into a good paint job course considering he hacked the door panels completly apart to put some speakers in the door i have to question his intelligence but i picked it up for 910.00 with a good paint job and a really hot motor so all in all i cant complain. But i was wondering the same thing because the emblem is kewl as it has the running cat in it so i thought at first maybe it was some special aftermarket thing. Good luck and weld that puppy shut before it rusts even bigger.