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Cougar Community Discussion

General Cougar related topics.
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Classic Cougar Tech

This is the forum for your Technical questions or trivia to be answered.
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Classic Cougar Bodywork

This is the forum for your all your questions and comments related to bodywork and related restoration.
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High Performance

Gone beyond the restoration and have questions on higher levels of performance for your classic cat? This is the forum for you!
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The Den

Post your general, off-topic, automotive related posts here.
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Post your "Kill" Stories, Cougar historical recounts, and alike here!
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Lost and Found

This forum is for those of you who are searching for a particular VIN. Post here to see if the car has been registered, or if anyone knows where it is today.
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Wheel & Tires

Sponsored by: Discount Tire
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The Marketplace

Cougars for Sale

Selling your cat? Please include location, price and contact info!
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Cougars Wanted

Need a cat? Check us out!
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67-68 Parts for Sale

Selling your parts? Please include location, price and contact info!
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69-70 Parts for Sale

Selling your parts? Please include location, price and contact info!
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71 & Up Parts for Sale

Selling your parts? Please include location, price and contact info!
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Misc. Parts for Sale

Selling your parts? Please include location, price and contact info!
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Parts Wanted

Post your needs up in here!
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Vendor Deals

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Need to customize or repair your Mercury Cougar? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Site Related Site Issue Forum

Please post your comments, wish lists, complaints, gripes and other kind words here!
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All Archived Forums may be found here. Read-only.
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Site Polls.
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Regional Clubs

YOUR club can have its OWN private/public forum on this site, controlled by YOU! Enter forum for Details.
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Low Country Cougar Club

Classic Cats prowling around in the South Carolina's!
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Cougar Club of New England

Classic Cats doing the Founding Father's Stomping Grounds Proud!
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Kentuckiana Classic Cougar Club

Kentucky and Southern Indiana Classic Cougar Club
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Norcal Cougar Club

Classic Cats in the Northern California area
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SoCal Cougar Club

Southern California Cougar Club
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Stray Cats Cougar Club

Serving the Northern California Area. Visit them online at!
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Great Lakes Cougar Club

Proudly serving Western New York, Eastern Michigan, and Ontario
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Calgary Cougar Club

A place for Calgary & Alberta Cougar Owners
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Georgia Cougar Club

Classic Cats from the peach state!
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Upcoming Events

Post your local Car shows or Classic Cat gatherings here!
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