Cowl Vent Cover that Actually Works???
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Thread: Cowl Vent Cover that Actually Works???

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    Cowl Vent Cover that Actually Works???

    I have made many attempts at fixing my cowl from the inside, removing everything under the dash and chasing any suspisious looking spots, pouring water in vents and repairing leaks, but they just seem to keep coming. I know sooner or later I will have to do the deed and remove the old tired cowl and replace, but would like to put it off for at least another season. I have tried a few different cowl cowers that are supposed to keep the water out of the car but so far they have all failed. I don't know exactly which ones I have tried but if anyone has found one that does actually work or has an easy fix for those times when you get caught with your pants down in the rain, I would be much indebted. I would just like to be able to take her out when the weather calls for rain and be able to come home with dry feet. She only leaks on the drivers side, well at this time anyway.
    Any great cowl covers or tricks are more than welcome!!

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    Re: Cowl Vent Cover that Actually Works???

    Charlie - I've seen the magnetic ones (like advertising signs on the side of vehicles) and the best ones I've seen are homemade ones that are just some thick Lexan/Plexiglass with a bead of silicone all the way around to make a gasket and a few very thin "butterflies" on machine screws that tighten down with wing nuts. Kinda like those drywall anchors with "wings" the pull agains the back side as you tighten. He just used a thin machine screw and a thin plate that drops through the slot - turn sideways and tighten. Just don't overtighten them those ribs bend easy! Not sure if that makes sense to you, but I'll see if I can find one and post it up.....

    I wonder if your leak is down the windshield rather than through the cowl somehow?

    SIMILAR to this:

    Only he did it on 4 corners and middle (6 total holders)....
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