Possible XR7-G Scam?
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Thread: Possible XR7-G Scam?

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    Possible XR7-G Scam?

    The Red Xr7-G that was on E-Bay a couple of weeks ago at about $25,000 is now on Auto-Trader for $16,500. Is this a scam?

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    Re: Possible XR7-G Scam?

    Can you post the link please?
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    Re: Possible XR7-G Scam?

    Try this link http://www.autotraderclassics.com/cl...ationId=196592

    The phone # listed on the ad is Fax# I believe. Must be a scam.

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    Re: Possible XR7-G Scam?

    I replied to the ad Thursday, and sent a message with no reply. I do not think it is a viable ad. If it was many if us would be if getting over the ridiculously low priced car.
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