Spare Tire Lock
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Thread: Spare Tire Lock

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    Spare Tire Lock

    I have a 73 XR-7 that has the spare tire lock. I have a new trunk mat to replace the torn one, and when I unlocked the spare tire to remove it, the lock wont come off. The key does unlock it, where it just spins. I have tried pulling up on it as I turned it, to no avail.
    I have even "gently" tapped it with a dead blow, in case something is sticking.
    I do not want to cut it off, and ideas?

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    try lubing the mechanism and the lock cylinder with some graphite lock cylinder lube. if you do end up having to cut it off i have a replacement i would sell you, it's a good used piece from a 70's lincoln, same as what was used on the cougar, torino etc.

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    I'd try WD-40 first or a spray lube.

    Next, regardless of WD-40 residue.... Heat it up

    Last resort, cut it off
    current project....
    69 XR7 351w4v, FMX

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    Thanks for the response, have sprayed it, still not wanting to let go, yet. Am letting it sit till next weekend and I will try to tap it into submission. If I do end up cutting it I don't think I will put another one on.
    Thanks again

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