I have done the due diligence and searched, read, digested as many previous posts as I can. Heck, half of them were mine.

What it looks like is every mustang part supplier has a front disk conversion kit for around $500 a $600 depending what extras you would like. However, most all of them have a ** (requires 15 inch wheels or larger) disclaimer.

Since I am doing a non power front disk rear drum to start I want to be sure of a few things.

1. Who has done this exact same thing. Were happy with the results and can provide the place they purchased their kit?

2. Must clear 14 inch Ford GT wheels. I have 2 sets and am not ready to give them up yet.

3. Would like to use as close to stock or a reputable brand pad, caliper and rotor when time comes to do maitenance. Searching all over for an odd size pad or rotor from a 72 pinto is not something I look forward to. Nothing against pinto.

4. What proportioning valve works best for the non power asist? None of the kits I looked at had one until power asist was added. I do not like vacuum cosuming power assist. Any other options?

Some time in the future I would like rear disk also. I will assume at that point I must add power assist. Not studied that far ahead.

I have all the parts to put it together from stock and get the consumables from the part store. However this will involve a lot of sanding, painting and 20 trips to the part store to get the right thing. We have all been there.

Yes...... I am already running a dual reseviour master but I believe it is stock. I did see a 69 mustang durring my search with what looked like the power brakes from my 2002 explorer. At least the power booster and master looked that way.

Thank you and sorry for the repetition on the same old subject. But every time I start the project again there are new options available.