its time 69 NOS metal package to be broken up. I tried.
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Thread: its time 69 NOS metal package to be broken up. I tried.

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    its time 69 NOS metal package to be broken up. I tried.

    ITS time to make some room..these are rare parts. I had people wanting single parts out of it and held it for a year and a half hoping to find that right person, to use it on a rare car or a special car or invest and repop some of it.. Well that hasn't happened. So its time.. not looking back at how rare this package is all in one place and one stop shopping.. Its time.. This stuff aint cheap, and I really don't even want to ship it, prefer pick up or you to arrange for a shipper that you are responsible for the packing and safety of it.. after its been paid and cleared that is.. so I prefer pick up in this case. Sold as is, get a piece or get it all.. 69 HARD TOP.. some parts from moving around and being stored over the years might have a scratch or a small ding in them..
    Full quarters driver
    Full quarter passenger
    Front radiator support
    2 lower tie rod rails crossmembers
    driver fender
    passenger fender
    hood.( HAD A small ding on the nose someone tried to drill and pull out and didn't finish it..)
    front valance Down to 2 of these left
    Rear valance
    lower stone guard
    Full tail panel
    inner wheel wells set of two
    driver quarter panel latch panel
    Grade a passenger door complete
    Driver door skin has surface rust on it..needs sanded and primed
    all these parts are NOS very hard to find some I don't even see pop up every now and then.. if your seriously interested, text me for pictures 8 four 36701602
    remember if you are in need of other parts, NOS or Used, one stop shopping been storing up parts a long time .. As always, would love to find the right person to buy it all and take it to the next level on the east coast. Its a lot but its stored up and all these original parts are getting harder to find.
    Also if you are doing a 69 restoration and NOS is your need.. NOS wheel lips, trunk trim, hood trim, weather stripping, markers, emblems, mirrors,latches, a lot of small stuff.. NO GRILLS, OR BACK UP HOUSINGS. Thanks for reading.. really wanted to do the collector a favor and sell the whole metal package as a whole but if interested until it starts going away a piece at a time its available. asking 15k for it all(think of how much body work and time this saves and shopping there is no shopping its all in one place, took 20 years for this guy to collect all of this over his travels)saves all the shipping too and searching.*the refer a friend fee if they bought is no longer in effect.. just the metal stuff listed..(not the other parts).. ill price you single prices if no one takes it soon..

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    Re: its time 69 NOS metal package to be broken up. I tried.

    Hi do you have any straight front and rear valances for a 70 must be undamaged as i have decent ones looking for ones with no body work need Cheers

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    Re: its time 69 NOS metal package to be broken up. I tried.

    YES..i have a 2 sets of NOS ones ..available,, text me.. 843670one 602.. shipping might not be able to happen out of the states however..only ship in the states..john

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