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: 67-68 289-302 lower radiator hose conversion

April 2nd, 2012, 12:40 PM
I hope this info will help someone but if you have a 67-68 cougar with a stock small block radiator and the lower outlet is on the passanger side and you have a 70 small block and up with the water pump on the driver side most say switch one or the other (water pump or radiator) well i didn't becuase I had my new motor in car and painted with new balancer, in stead of buying a expensive crossover chrome pipe I see for sale here is what I did .
I will add the part numbers later but I bought two different size radiator hoses from napa(yes there are two hose that will work out there when combined)
had to cut them (use a table saw it makes a nice straight smooth cut) both were 1 3/4" id one was a 90 had to cut off on each end the other was a curved piece had to cut one end then were the meet in the middle get a copper coupling from home depot its 3" long x 1 3/4 o.d because its for 1 1/2" pipe use 4 clamps and make you own. this worked awesome and looks like it was made that way. no leaks total cost about $35 I will try to put part numbers and picture up later.