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: 1969 ECat missing link ??

February 16th, 2005, 11:49 AM
I'm always seeing 1970 Eliminator Adds available on Ebay, etc..

I have come to the conclusion that the 1969 Eliminator
was never featured in a Factory sales brochure.
Perhaps due to a late mid-year start ? Another interesting
thing is the Boss 302 is only covered in the 1970 Engine shop manual. There is no mention of it in the 1969 book.

-Joe W

February 16th, 2005, 01:08 PM
Joe the HO302 (mercury's original name) specs are all called out in the 1969 Technical Service Bulletins which I have a couple copies left of. 400 pages $40. There was no 69 Eliminator sales brochure that I have found yet either. Midyear production.

February 16th, 2005, 02:55 PM
I've been looking forever and have yet to see a showroom brochure, magazine ad or similar promotional material for the '69 Eliminator. Yes, there are a few magazine road tests, but these generally weren't available to the buying public until after '69 production had ended.
This has always struck me as odd, since why introduce a splashy new model (yeah, yeah I know the Eliminator isn't really a model but an option package)
and then not tell anyone about it?
There have been any number of mid-year introductions with plenty of attendant publicity (63.5 Galaxie fastback, 64.5 Pontiac GTO -also an option package, not a model-, 77.5 re-introduction of Camaro Z/28, just to name a few off the top of my head.)
The whole point of the various sub-models and options is to generate excitement and interest in the product line, in order to generate sales traffic and sell some cars. It just makes sense to run some ads to let people know there's something to new to see and give them a pretty brochure to take home and dream over once they've come in to take a look.
Of course it wouldn't be the first or last time L-M marketing has dropped the ball, despite having a decent product to work with. Can anyone remember (or correctly pronounce) "Merkur"? Or the Lincoln Versailles that looked just like a Monarch, which looked just like a Granada, but cost twice as much as either of them? Or the '90's version of the Capri that was introduced just AFTER the market for two-seat roadsters had been saturated by Miatas?

Sometimes I wonder how the Mercury nameplate has lasted as long as it has.


February 16th, 2005, 03:00 PM
Originally when Ford started Mercury in 39 intent was to produce an upscale version. Other mid year advertising that wasn't missed was the CJ Mustang and the Mustang itself in 64

February 16th, 2005, 05:23 PM
There was some factory information on the 1969 Eliminator. I'm not sure if any of it was available to the public at that time. I have the following items:

Press Photo(8x10) dated 10-22-68 showing the Prototype Eliminator from 2 different angles.

Press Photo(8x10) dated 5-8-69 showing the Production Eliminator.

Press Photo(8x10) dated 5-8-69 showing a cutaway of the Boss 302 on an engine stand.

Press Photo(8x10) from the International Auto Show April 5-13, 1969 showing Edwina "Winkie" Louise leaning on the trunk of the Prototype Eliminator.

1969 Lincoln Mercury Product Manual. Page 7A Supplement - Cougar Eliminator. Dated 4-15-69. This is a double sided page showing the highlights, standard features, color and trim selections, and engine options for the Eliminator.

Lincoln Mercury Salesmen's Newsflash - Lincoln Mercury's Muscle Cars Mean Business. It is a 6 page brochure showing the Cyclone CJ, Cougar CJ, and the Boss 302 Eliminator. Item # LM 69-123

Color and Upholstry book. There is a page on the Eliminator with samples of the Comfortweave Vinyl available in the 3 colors.

That is all I can find. There could be more. Brian Carpenter has a nice color 8x10 of the Prototype Eliminator.